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Amanda Gorman is the biggest star in America right now.

Her books take up the top 3 slots on Amazon’s best seller list.

Editions of “The Hill We Climb” are numbers 1 and 3. “Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem” is number 2.

Gorman is the 22 year old Harvard graduate who read her poem, “The Hill We Climb,” during the Inauguration. She is the YOUTH Poet Laureate of America. The adult Poet Laureate is Joy Harjo, a mature woman from Oklahoma City who is the first Native American to be named to that position. She was ignored on Wednesday. Her books sit around 89,000 on Amazon.

That isn’t to knock Gorman, who is planning to run for president in 2036. She’s going to be our new Maya Angelou. Every TV show wants her. By summer there should be cookbooks, calendars, a video game, a spoken word record– well, musicians are already setting her audio version of “The Hill We Climb” to music. I’m actually surprised Taylor Swift hasn’t put out the single.

God bless America.

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