Home Television ABC Squandered a New Episode of “The Conners” Wednesday Night, Ratings Dropped...

ABC wants to kill “The Conners.” I don’t know why. Is it too expensive? I don’t get it.

Ratings for last night’s first run episode dropped 20% from the previous week, which was a high with Candice Bergen.

This is what happened: ABC put “The Conners” at 10pm following the Biden Inauguration special. Maybe they thought the Biden audience would stick around. Well, they didn’t. A total of 400,000 viewers changed channels after the Biden special, leaving “The Conners” with a season low 3.099 million fans.

From the season opener in October to last night, “The COnners” has dropped an astounding 36%. Moving the show from Tuesdays at 8 to Wednesdays at 9 was bad enough. Showing it at 10pm was the killer.

ABC will counter by saying they still won their time slot at 10pm. But what’s the cost? They probably could have shown a rerun and gotten the same number. This did not work out.

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