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Yes, Gregg Alexander and New Radicals did perform on the Virtual Parade today. I didn’t know how to find it, but the clip is below.

I’ve known Gregg for some time, I’m honored to say, as well as his sometime collaborator Danielle Brisebois. Years after the New Radicals were a hit, they wrote the songs for “Begin Again,” the wonderful John Carney film. I was so knocked out, I had to know them.

A short time later, I introduced Gregg to Joni Mitchell at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy dinner. She actually said that she liked “You Get What You Give” so much it stopped her from quitting the business in 1999. That was BIG. Read the story here.

Gregg reformed New Radicals for today’s tribute as a salute to Joe Biden and his son Beau. And the video is tops! PS If you get a chance, rent or stream “Begin Again.” You’ll be thrilled that you did!




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