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As we might have guessed, truly Nobody Is Listening to Zayn Malik’s third solo album.

The former One Direction singer released the collection called “Nobody is Listening” before midnight on Friday. Since then he’s sold 1,800 copies.

If we add in streaming of one single. “Vibez,” he’s up to 8,000. But the 1,800 tells the tale of demand for CDs and paid downloads. There is none.

None of the tracks have appeared on AppleMusic, either. They couldn’t even get Zane Lowe to help Zayn Malik. I mean, that was the ace in a hole, no? Zane Plays Zayn. Not happening.

Also, who calls their album “Nobody is Listening”? It’s an engraved invitation to mockery.

The album isn’t very good. It clocks in at at around 35 minutes and shows little effort went into its composition. Here’s a guy with a big fan following off of One Direction, who makes videos and songs that have no meaning but lots of sex references and the ‘f’ word so he guarantees young girls are shooed away. He has no adult themes. So who does he think his audience is?

It’s possible he doesn’t care. Maybe his deal with One Direction made him so much money that he’s self-sustaining. So these releases are just to fulfill a contract, I suppose.

It’s all in-zayn.

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