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The clock is ticking for Fox News’s once vaunted prime time schedule took another big hit Thursday night. Their three hour block of shows from 8 to 11 pm ate dust against their competitors. This wasn’t good news for Suzanne Scott, whose job is on the line as Rupert Murdoch, even at 90, takes a sharp look at his revenues.

On Thursday, at 8pm, Anderson Cooper’s CNN hour came in with 4.015 million viewers, handily taking Tucker Carlson on Fox, who had 3.2 million fans.

Next. at 9pm, Sean Hannity’s Fox News show — ever supportive of Trump and his policies, constantly rationalizing for him — came in with 2.999 million. Rachel Maddow triumphed on MSNBC at the same time with with a robust 4.319 million. Maddow has eaten Hannity’s lunch all week.

Following at 10pm, Lawrence O’Donnell kept up Maddow’s steam with 3.3 million people glued to their MSNBC. That wasn’t a basket of flowers for Laura Ingraham, who just managed to get 2.2 million viewers to listen to her version of events for the day.

For Fox, a reckoning is coming, especially as we head into inauguration week. Fox News viewers aren’t that stupid. They know that news of Biden and Harris and the impeachment won’t be delivered to them by the Murdoch teams, and/or it will be colored by bizarre musings and rhetoric. They’re  going to go for CNN and MSNBC and maybe even Shepard Smith on CNBC.



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