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“Wonder Woman 1984” isn’t having a magical time at the box office.

This past week it brought in just $3 million, falling 45% from its second week. The total now is at $32 million.

And it’s not like the Patty Jenkins film isn’t in theaters– it’s in 2,200 of them! The per screen average is $1,353, which would suggest 130 people at each showing. That’s kind of amazing considering social distancing, and also the fact that theaters aren’t open in New York or California.

Of course, “WW84” is available on HBO Max, so I’m sure people are watching it there.

Two smaller films, one doing well, one not so much: Carey Mulligan in “Promising Young Woman” has managed to make $2.7 million in three weeks in theaters. It looks like Focus will wait for streaming and DVD until some awards nominations come in.

Not doing well, no surprise, is the latest “Pinocchio” from Roadside, er Roadkill, Attractions. It’s made just over $1 million in 3 weeks. Per screen average was $225, suggesting 25 people per showing. Roadkill has hidden this one well despite a decent 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and the presence of Roberto Benigni (this time playing Geppetto after assuming the title role years ago in his own version).


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