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5:35pm UPDATE “Vibez” has not been met with great enthusiasm. It’s stuck at number 57 on iTunes. Maybe some marketing and preparation would help with these releases.

EARLIER Zayn Malik, ex One Direction, is tempting fate. His new album, coming next Friday, is called “Nobody is Listening.”

No one is.

His last single, “Better,” released in September 2020, sold 4,300 copies in downloads. With streaming of singles, etc, the number bulks up to a not much better 144,000.

His last album, “Icarus Falls,” has sold 11,000 copies over the last two years. (Streaming of singles, etc knocks it up to 268,000 — far from a gold album.)

The new single, “Vibez,” dropped today. It’s not great, but it could be worse. It’s a drone, but at least it’s got a beat. Some of Zayn’s recent work has lacked even that.

Zayn’s career continues to be a mess. We’ll see how this works out. If anyone is listening.

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