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Kanye West– voluble, omnipresent– hasn’t been seen on social media since November 4th. That was the day after his candidate, Donald Trump, lost the presidential election.

Kanye has basically disappeared from public view. He hasn’t even been included in his wife, Kim Kardashian’s, social media. Her photos are all about her kids, sisters, and mother.

On Christmas Day, Kanye dropped a surprise 12 minute EP for streaming called “Emmanuel.” It’s not by him, but by his Sunday Services choir, some of whom are now suing him for payment.

“Emmanuel” is not selling. Or doing anything. It’s not on the regular iTunes chart, but it did make it to number 12 on the Christian/Gospel chart. Of the five tracks available on YouTube, the most viewed one has 22,000 views. Basically, it’s been ignored.

And Kanye? Where is he? Wyoming? Los Angeles? In some kind of controlled situation? We wait for the inevitable explosion of tweets.

PS I’d love to hear from any of the singers on Sunday Services. Email me at showbiz411@gmail.com.

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