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Peter Jackson unveiled footage this morning from his Beatles documentary “Get Back,” based on 56 hours of unseen film from Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original “Let it Be” film. What strikes me about the footage is that you see Linda McCartney, for one thing. For another, Billy Preston — the Fifth Beatle, who played in the rooftop concert and was credited on the “Let it Be” album — is also finally seen. Lindsay-Hogg cut him from the finished film.

The point of all this is to show that the group was having fun. After all, they made “Abbey Road” after this film and album were completed. So they didn’t dislike each other, which was what the “Let it Be” film sort of depicted. Whatever vibe Lindsay-Hogg got during filming translated into a rather dour film. Jackson’s film really shows John Lennon laughing, dancing, and looking happy during the recording — something you don’t get a sense of in “Let it Be.”

With Paul and Ringo releasing new music this week, with Sean Lennon interviewing Paul about John on the radio, there’s a lot of harmony in the Beatles world right now. We really needed it.

It will be interesting to see Jackson’s film juxtaposed to the original next August.

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