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Will Paul McCartney have his first number 1 album in 31 years?

Amazon is pitching in to make it happen. They’ve dropped the price of a “McCartney III” download to $3.99. The CD is still $13.49 and streaming is part of Amazon’s platform. But an avalanche of downloads should be enough to push “McCartney III” over the top.

Right now, “McCartney III” is number 1 on the Amazon CD and Vinyl chart. It’s number 4 on iTunes. And number 1 on Buzz Angle Music, which measures all formats.

Until last Friday, McCartney’s only competition that we knew of was Taylor Swift’s second week with “Evermore.” But then Eminem sandbagged him with a surprise release that went straight to number 1. I don’t know if Universal Music — which knew Eminem was coming — told McCartney. All three- Swift, Mathers, and McCartney — were released by Universal. You’d have thought they’d hold Eminem off. That’s what happens when you’re the number 1 record company!

So now’s good a time to get “McCartney III” — a great album– on Amazon and help make it number 1.

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