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Paul McCartney once sang, “I go back so far, I’m in front of me.”

Now we’re going to get the whole story, courtesy of eccentric record producer Rick Rubin. The pair are going to make a six part documentary series that I’m sure Apple or Netflix will battle for in an auction. The series is going to cover Paul’s whole career, with all his masters leaving Abbey Road (that’s a mistake, Rubin should gave gone there) for Los Angeles.

McCartney already has a documentary that is presumably finished, made by director Paul Haggis. It’s unclear whether that will stand alone or be subsumed into this project.  I know that Haggis’s project was supposed to be quite good, so we’ll see where this all leads.

Meantime, of course, Friday brings McCartney’s “McCartney III” album, which I adore, and is getting great reviews. I can’t wait for everyone to hear some of those songs.

Do the Beatles matter in 2020? Let’s just say that’s the second McCartney item today and the second Beatles story, after Ringo’s announcement earlier today. Will we be able to say that in 50 years about any of today’s contemporary artists? I doubt it.

PS Presumably Paul is also still working on the Broadway musical version of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” He just keeps working! We’re lucky!

PS I do wonder why this trailer begins and ends with a song Paul didn’t write, “Come Together,” but no one asked me!


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