“The Conners” dropped another 200,000 viewers last night in another desultory Wednesday outing.

The “Roseanne” spin off hit 3.5 million, down from 3.7 million. They key demo dropped below to 0.6, and 0.9 in the older demo, first time below 1.0.

What’s happening? Moving the show to Wednesdays at 9pm didn’t help. But fans have been writing to me in droves saying the show is not funny, they can’t relate to it, and there doesn’t seem to be a central theme to bring everyone back week to week.

I watched “The Conners” last night and I have to say, the fans are right. The show seemed kind of grim to me. Darlene is married to a guy, or living with one who looks like a werewolf and is sitting in Dan’s (John Goodman’s) chair. Goodman seems out of sorts, and Katy Sagal, who I thought was going to pop as Louise, Dan’s girlfriend, also seemed out of focus.

But it was Laurie Metcalf who concerned me. While she had air time last night, everything about Jackie seemed off. She also has let Jackie age in a way that’s not inviting. “The Conners” certainly isn’t supposed to be glamorous, but attractive in some way. Clearly the fans are not finding any of it attractive.

I can’t say I watch the ABC Wednesday comedy slate with any regularity. But I did notice that “The Goldbergs” at 8pm did better last night, which is unusual. Usually “The Conners” beats them. “The Goldbergs” is no “Seinfeld,” but the writing last night was warmer than “The Conners” and more focused. “The Conners” needs a sharpening, and fast.

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