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I love Lady Gaga, but does she need more money? She’s now got a sponsorship deal with Oreo cookies, for a pink “Chromatica” cookie. This deal obviously fills in the revenue missing from not touring in 2020 and maybe 2021. I swear, an “Art Pop” had to be coming from a popsicle maker!

We’re seeing a lot of name brand actors suddenly doing commercials they’d never have considered. The great Cecily Strong from “SNL” is singing for a spaghetti sauce. Anna Kendrick is doing “My Favorite Things” for Frito Lay, one of the most disgusting snacks in the world. Ryan Reynolds is loaded up with products.

Well, those mansions have to be paid for!

These Chromatica Oreos don’t look very appetizing. That’s the color of any food you should be eating.

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