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WITH POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“The Undoing” is over. The murder of Elena Alves has been solved. The real killer was not Nicole, or Donald Sutherland or the kid or Lily Rabe.

In fact, even the little things we hoped tied up loose ends weren’t explored. The last twenty minutes jumped every shark it could find, looking for OJ’s Bronco. All the red herrings came to nothing. This was a disappointment.

It’s a sign of the times that so many people were obsessed with “The Undoing” as it progressed. I watched all five episodes at one in a press cue. I couldn’t “put it down,” so to speak.

Maybe one reason was that it looked like our fantasies before the pandemic ended everything. Everyone’s rich and happy or unhappy, money seems to be the answer to everything until it isn’t. No one is wearing a mask, Trump isn’t brow beating the news, it’s like a dream of something long ago.

Can you imagine all that happening to the Frasers in the middle of the pandemic? Oh, no, Masks and social distancing. Bodies piling up in the morgue behind Lenox Hill? No time for a good affair and murder now, folks. We. are. busy.

So in the end David E. Kelley and Jean Hanff Korelitz did not turn out to Alfred Hitchcock or Perry Mason or even Agatha Christie. But it was fun, and that’s what we needed. And Nicole Kidman will get more awards. I saw her today in “The Prom” coming to Netflix, and let me say, 2020 has been her year.

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