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Justin Bieber, deeply uneducated, has recently suffered the loss of his most recent religious advisor, Carl Lentz from Hillsong Church. For years, Bieber palled around with Lentz, endorsed and supported Hillsong in New York. That was until Lentz recently admitting to cheating on his wife and getting fired from the church.

Now Bieber, who sings and whines about being lonely, and has a song called “Holy” in which he exploits Christian beliefs to sell records, is touting a new “church.” It’s called Churchome and it’s run by another old pastor pal, Judah Smith. They’ve known each other since 2005, when Justin’s mother– not the brightest bulb in the chandelier– brought him into their lives. Smith, in fact, introduced Bieber to Lentz.

Smith was profiled last year in an excellent piece in Marie Claire. Since then, it’s been harder to get at Churchome’s financial records. But the piece details the Smith’s luxurious lifestyle: “Churchome, which operates as a 501c3 organization, purchased the 2,806-square-foot, four-bedroom home in 2016 for roughly $2.5 million as an investment in its future in Los Angeles. The church’s total revenue last year was about $20 million; $18.5 million of that came from “tithes,” traditionally a tenth of congregants’ incomes and offerings. (They are not required to donate.) Because Churchome is a nonprofit, it’s exempt from federal income tax.”

Bieber, just tonight, directed his fans to Churchome. He wrote: “As all of you know by now I am a Jesus guy. What you may not know is that I am not a religious man. I follow the teachings of Jesus and believe he is the Messiah. There are many things i have seen in churches that i strongly disagree with. Judgmental posture, exclusion, hatred, all in the name of Christianity. I want no part of that. What i do want is to love and look like Jesus and point people to his miraculous healing power. If you are interested in learning more about Jesus and his extraordinary ways visit the Churchome app free in the App Store”

The “Jesus guy” verbiage comes straight from Smith.

What scandal is brewing from Churchome? After the Hillsong disaster, one can only imagine. Bieber is basically a pigeon for all these “pastors” who see an almost illiterate, clueless rich kid from a broken home, with many doubts about his life and an admission of depression. Bieber is wearing a target on his back. These guys have the arrows.

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