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The Disney family are fans of Taylor Swift. I’m told that Susan Disney Lord, daughter of the late Roy Disney, and her daughters, love Taylor Swift.

So sources around the Disneys wanted me to explain: they have nothing to do with the purchase for $300 million of Taylor Swift’s master recordings from Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta.

The investment fund Shamrock Capital Advisors bought the masters. Shamrock Holdings is the Disney family investment fund. Shamrock Capital is now other people. They used to work for Shamrock Holdings but spun themselves off into a separate entity.

“They started out as a fund underneath the umbrella of Shamrock Holdings Inc but left after Roy Disney passed away 10 years ago,” says a source. “The Disneys know nothing about it.”

But you see? That’s how ‘folklore’ starts!

My source says, perhaps naively: “I know these guys at Shamrock are good people, and I have a feeling they’ll try to work with Taylor Swift.”

Hope springs eternal!


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