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Poor Donald Trump Junior.

The party is over, even though it looks like he may still be partying from the looks of his posts.

His biggest problem is that he self-published his second book, “Liberal Privilege.” No one bought it. He has thousands of copies in his garage or wherever.

“Liberal Privilege” is currently number 6,002 on Amazon’s best seller list. Don’t tell him, but Barack Obama’s memoir, to be published Tuesday, has already been number 1 for a month. A month of pre-orders!

So Junior is having a fire sale. He’s taken to Twitter to announce that the first 1,000 people who buy the book at a 25% discount will get “upgraded” to an autographed copy. Hand signed? He doesn’t say. Probably stamped.

What can this book be used for? If you have a fireplace, the pages will make excellent kindling. If you need to raise up a computer monitor or TV, “Liberal Privilege” is stackable.

Me? I’d wait for the Christmas sale. Although the signed book might be valuable once Junior goes to jail.

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