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This is a surprise. John Mulaney, who’s hosted “Saturday Night Live” twice this year, has joined “Late Night with Seth Meyers” as a staff writer.

Mulaney is a star in his own right, so this is unusual. But he also needs to eat and pay bills. With live performances shutdown by the pandemic, Mulaney’s options right now are limited. The late night talk shows are the only game in town.

Last night he appeared in a very funny sketch with Seth that may have been an extension of one last week. (He’s wearing the trench coat and sunglasses.) When I was watching this thing last night I was thinking, this is genius. And so I guess the producers did, too.

Mulaney still works with Nick Kroll on their hilarious “Oh Hello” podcasts and performances. Maybe they’ll appear on Late Night doing that. It’s sort of the modern day version of Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks doing the 2,000 Year Old Man.

PS Late Night has a lot of talent, that’s for sure. Amber Ruffin is their diamond in the rough. She’s got her show on Peacock, wherever that is.


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