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Five years ago, Patrick Dempsey’s doctor character, aka McDreamy, was killed off of “Grey’s Anatomy” unceremoniously. Leaving no doubt about his fate, Derek Shepard was t boned in his jeep by a truck and died on screen.

So tonight it was a surprise to see him back, albeit in a dream sequence. I sure hope Dempsey was paid a lot. He and star Ellen Pompeo and the showrunner Krista Vernoff — in an interview on Deadline.com– don’t seem to agree about how this all happened. I’m glad they weren’t witnesses to a crime. Perry Mason would have wrecked all their stories.

It does seem as though Shondaland or ABC made some kind of donation to Dempsey’s cancer charity. The Dempsey Center in Lewiston, Maine has about $4 million in assets and could use the help.

Dempsey has worked sporadically since exiting “Grey’s.” He appeared in 244 episodes. Maybe that was enough for him. It certainly seems like he could have returned to series television by now. It was pretty clear when he was written out that all was not harmonic on the “Grey’s” set. Otherwise, they would have left the door open for more than a visit from heaven.

The show kept this ending a secret, so tomorrow’s ratings report won’t reflect it. But three days from now, see how many people went to ABC.com and either watched it again or the first time. Dempsey, I hope, got his cut. Time and money heal all wounds.



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