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This comes as little surprise but Jeffrey Toobin has been fired from The New Yorker.

The magazine conducted an investigation after Toobin was seen pleasuring himself during a Zoom call with New Yorker and NPR staff members. It turns out he got bored and flipped to a porn site and forgot to mute the video/audio on the New Yorker call.

He was immediately suspended from the literary magazine. He was also put on a voluntary leave at CNN, where’s the legal analyst. Will CNN finish him, too? It’s likely. It’s hard to imagine Toobin on panels on live TV where this come come up.

“I am writing to share with you that our investigation regarding Jeffrey Toobin is complete, and as a result, he is no longer affiliated with our company,” read a memo from Stan Duncan, Condé Nast’s chief people officer. The Daily Beast obtained the internal memo.

What a fall from grace for Toobin, who basically had it made in New York media circles. He’d even survived a scandal involving an affair and a pregnant mistress (he denied fathering the baby). Toobin is married to Amy Bennett McIntosh since 1986, although it’s equally hard to imagine she will continue with him after this. The Toobins have two adult children in addition to the 12 year old son Toobin fathered with the daughter of CNN’s Jeff Greenfield but wanted aborted back in 2008.

Toobin wrote on Twitter:

“I was fired today by @NewYorker after 27 years as a Staff Writer. I will always love the magazine, will miss my colleagues, and will look forward to reading their work.”

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