Home Television “Saturday Night Live” Braces for Possibly Highest Rated Show of All Time...

What an incredible coincidence: the election is called for Joe Biden on a Saturday morning. And “Saturday Night Live” is live tonight with one of the best comedians in the world, Dave Chappelle, hosting. The Foo Fighters are the musical guest.

The show is bracing for its highest ratings maybe ever. Expect a raft of guest stars beginning with Alec Baldwin reprising his Emmy winning performance as Trump. This may also be one of his final swings at the bat.

Jim Carrey now gets elevated as Joe Biden. Even though his imitation hasn’t been a huge hit, tonight’s his chance to show off.

Expect Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton to congratulate Joe. We may also be coming to the end of McKinnon’s run on the show.

Maya Rudolph, of course, will be there as Kamala Harris. Rudolph has been a huge hit again on the show this year. Her performance last week as the Statue of Liberty singing “I’m Still Here” was Emmy worthy!

You can only imagine it must be hysteria backstage with just a few hours until dress rehearsal. Can’t wait!


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