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The election of Joe Biden is not just a defeat for Donald Trump, the loser.

It’s also a renunciation of his cronies, liars, and thieves including Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, the newly infected Mark Meadows, Kayleigh McEnema, Donald Trump Jr, Jared and Ivanka, all of them.

What will happen to them? The Trumps will never be welcomed back to New York. They have no standing. There isn’t a restaurant they could walk into where they wouldn’t be booed. If the ’21 Club’ lets them, they’ll be ruined. People will walk of out of rooms they’re in.

And Jared? His real estate dealings will be scrutinized now under a microscope. There isn’t a move he can make without being noticed and examined thoroughly. The Trump Organization? Who will stay in a hotel with that name? Or set foot in a casino under that marquee?

The rest of them? Giuliani? LOL. What a miserable dolt. Same for him.

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