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“Mom” was back last night without Anna Faris, and the ratings were disastrous.

The Allison Janney sitcom dropped roughly 25% or more from last season’s average. The total was 4.8 million versus over 7 million for last season’s spring finale. Last season’s average was 6.3 million per show.

What’s even more humiliating is that “Mom” LOST over 200,00 from its lead-in, the not very good “B Positive,” a pilot for a new series. “Mom” is in its 8th season.

But the whole premise of “Mom” has been wrecked by the sudden loss of Faris, who exited the series last minute in August after signing on for the season. Now Janney has no child to be a Mom to, is happily married, and has a bunch of nice friends. But the mother-daughter scenario is over.

Whatever happened to Faris, I hope she’s alright. But she’s almost certainly doomed the show to cancellation.

And what did they do with Faris’s character? The episode began last night with Janney and her husband, played by William Fichtner, coming home after dropping her at Georgetown Law School. LOL. Preposterous? Not really when you think Tiffany Trump graduated from there. And that was preposterous enough!

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