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Oh my god.

Well, this is what happens.

On tonight’s CBS pilot for “B Positive,” the great comedy legend Bernie Kopell had a cameo. I just happened to catch him in the final scene on a bus of old people. Bernie is 87 years young. He didn’t even get an “and” credit. Just lumped into the back credits.

Well, Bernie is a TV legend. He was on every great show of the 60s, starting with “Get Smart,” in which he played Siegfried, a wayward KAOS spy. He played Jerry, Ted Bessell’s best friend on “That Girl.” He’s in nine episodes of “Bewitched” playing different characters.

Of course, he’s probably best known to 80s TV audiences as Doctor Bricker from 250 episodes of the turgid “The Love Boat.”

So why isn’t he retired? I don’t know. He hasn’t missed a year of work, according to the imdb, ever. I didn’t know this by he’s been on “Mom,” and “Superstore,” and “Hawaii Five-O” in recent years. Maybe he just likes to work. Anyway, here’s to Bernie. I always wish the SAG Awards would honor actors like him and not the marquee stars. Bernie’s one of the people who make the TV industry an industry in Hollywood!

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