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I don’t want to jinx it, but we may be on the verge of ousting Donald Trump at last.

At 5pm Eastern, Joe Biden won Michigan. He and Kamala Harris are six electoral points away from 270 and the big prize. Donald Trump, the worst president in US history, will have been defeated.

Only Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina are left, plus Arizona and Arkansas. The majority of uncounted votes are from urban areas where people mailed in their ballots.

The irony is that Fox News is closer to calling the election for Biden than CNN or MSNBC. Fox News is a network divided against itself. The Trump true believers are still spinning, while the actual news people are conceding the truth. It’s wild. (Greg Gutfeld is basically gutless.)

Biden is a gracious man. He gave a short speech this afternoon reminding everyone that he will govern as a president for the whole country, not just Democrats. Frankly, the Trump voters don’t deserve that graciousness.

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