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Once upon a time, Candice Bergen had a small business called Bergen Bags, where she decorated handbags for friends. But nothing succeeds like success!

The five time Emmy Award winner of “Murphy Brown” fame (not to mention movies and theater) is branching out. Now she’s got a line of RBG-inspired products on her website,http://www.candicebergenartstuff.com.

Embroidered with a logo that reads “The Notorious” with a drawing of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s famous lace collar, the products include face masks, phone covers, pouches and fanny packs. There are also pillows and coffee cups.

Bergen has other designs, too, including a signature hot dog featured on fleece blankets.

What’s next? I’m surprised she hasn’t launched a line of Charlie McCarthy designs. Who was Charlie McCarthy? He was her famous ventriloquist father Edgar Bergen’s “dummy.” Bergen wrote in her great memoir “Knock Wood,” that her dad kept a whole room of the puppets, and she thought when she was little they were her brother(s)!

Good for Candy! In these pandemic times, with no movies or TV shooting, you’ve got to pivot!



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