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“Transformers” and “Pearl Harbor” director Michael Bay is America’s worst filmmaker. He’s made crap out of garbage for years now. His new film, “Songbird,” was shot during the pandemic — yes, the one we’re in now. It’s set in 2024 and we’re still under lockdown suffering from COVID-23. Not Strawberry Letter 22 or Catch-22.

So you know this is an exploitation of our current health crisis, of 220,000 dead people, of the massive damage the pandemic has done to our economy, psyches, and souls. I’m surprised Bay didn’t include holograms of the recently deceased, a la Kim and Kanye and her ghostly father.

I’ll pass on seeing more than the trailer. I’m surprised Bradley Whitford, a smart guy, though this was a good idea. As Green Day sings, wake me up when tomorrow comes.

As someone on YouTube quipped, this is as if someone made a film on 09/11 about 9/11 in between the two towers exploding. Well put.

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