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Rudy Giuliani says his compromising scene in “Borat” was faked or fabricated. But it wasn’t. As I wrote this morning, I’ve seen the movie and played his scene a few times to make sure what happened wasn’t some figment of my imagination.

When fans see “Borat 2” on Amazon Prime beginning Friday, they’ll know the truth: Rudy Giuliani is a dirty old man.

The fact that Giuliani is stupid enough to agree to be interviewed for Kazakh TV is just the beginning. That he went to some dreary motel room to do it is another. He’s the attorney for the President of the United States. Is he so desperate for fame and attention?

Apparently yes.

You will see in the segment how Giuliani is easily flattered by actress Maria Bakalova, who is pretending to be a journalist. She fawns over him, says “I feel just like Melania.” Come on. She touches his knee. They hold hands, fod god’s sake. You’re not doing that with Savannah Guthrie or Lesley Stahl.

Even worse, Rudy poured himself a drink. He’s holding a neat Scotch in his hand. He’s drinking during an interview– with a Russian, basically.

When Maria suggests they go into the bedroom for a drink, Rudy is lit like a candle. He’s into it. In the bedroom, by the way, I do not think he’s playing with his genitalia, as UK papers blared. They are taking his microphone off. But in a bedroom? On his back? On a bed? Giuliani thinks he’s getting lucky, and he’s ready. He makes a total fool of himself.  If Maria hadn’t been an actress, and Sacha Baron Cohen hadn’t stopped them, Rudy would have been popping blue pills and trying to make a go of it.

The man who cheated on three wives was busy cheating on his girlfriend, Dr. Maria whoever she is. If she’s stupid enough to believe the excuse that this was fabricated, someone should check her medical credentials. I was the reporter who caught married Rudy on a date with Judith Nathan in April 2000, the day after his cancer diagnosis. It turned out his real illness was hubris. It’s incurable.

PS Thanks to everyone who lifted from “Borat” review this morning including pictures. As Borat would say, “Niiiiice!”


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