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Where in the world is Ryan Seacrest? The over worked DJ and co-host of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” was missing from the show this morning.

Kelly Ripa gave no explanation for his absence.

Earlier this year, Seacrest gave fans a scare when it looked like he had a stroke or an attack of Bell’s Palsy on the air. It was explained that he was overtired from all his work, including hosting “American Idol,” and took some time off.

This morning’s absence was strange in that was unexplained and Ripa looked surprised. There was no substitute host.

Maybe he was suffering from Top 40 poisoning. If you had to listen to that stuff all day, you’d be sick, too!

I’ve sent a message to someone connected to the show, no answer yet. And no word on Twitter or anywhere else. Seriously, hope Ryan is ok!

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