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UPDATE: Adding cable from MSNBC and CNBC didn’t help Trump, who still came up short by 1 million viewers.

Biden Town Hall: 12.7 million vs. Trump Town Hall: 10.3 million.

The people have spoken!

ABC’s Town Hall with Joe Biden scored 12.7 million viewers from 8 to 9pm last night while NBC’s Donald Trump Town Hall managed only 10.3 million.


Further, Biden held on to 11.7 million voters for his second hour on ABC with George Stephanopolous.


The key demo, though, is crazy: a 15 for Biden, a 10 for Trump in the 18-49 men.  He got a 9 with women. This means that Biden is winning young people and middle aged people by a wide margin. He won among men, which is so important. (Maybe men are tired of dying from COVID?) In adults 50 and over, Biden edged out Trump with a 15 over a 14.

All the demos were for Biden, which is really solid. He trounced Trump across the board.

Trump’s lying and constant waffling about everything from when he was last tested for COVID to his support of white supremacists is not going over with the biggest sectors of the population.

Celebrities and many others were angry at NBC for staging the Trump Town Hall at the same time as the previously announced Biden event. But as it turns out, NBC knew what they were doing: Savannah Guthrie sacked Trump over and over like Tom Brady on his best day with the Patriots. And at the same time, running their show was almost like a pre-voting day referendum. LOL.

Trump, who lives by ratings, will be shook now.

Cable ratings for MSNBC etc will be in later but it shouldn’t change things much. MSNBC viewers hate Trump. And Fox News didn’t broadcast the Town Hall. So it’s unlikely Trump picked up viewers from cable.

PS Thanks to Mitch Metcalf and Showbuzz Daily for the numbers.


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