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The infamous NBC Trump Town Hall is over. It lasted one hour, with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie basically debating Trump and correcting lies. She must be exhausted. It was like a prize fight. But she did get Trump to admit that he owes someone $412 million. He didn’t deny it.

He also didn’t disavow Qanon, the crazy conspiracy group. When asked about it he, Trump pretended he knew nothing about them, then said they were anti-pedophilia. He also wouldn’t disavow white supremacist groups. He skirted every question and refused to be pinned down.

At one point Guthrie– talking him retweeting crazy statements– said, “It’s not like you’re someone’s crazy uncle and can re-Tweet anything you want.”

If you listen to Trump’s blathering, he’s really saying that everyone should be given the choice to embrace misogyny. racism, white supremacy. and let the chips fall where they may. And he won’t take a side. We have not moved an inch from Charlottesville and “there are fine people on both sides.”

Guthrie really hung in there and did an excellent job. But it’s like wrestling with mercury. Trump slips and slides. He’s vile, and loves it.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s thoughtful, decisive, and measured Town Hall, in the real world, continues on ABC.


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