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Bruce Springsteen’s Apple TV documentary, “Letter to You,” arrives next Friday along with a new album of original E Street Band recordings.

There’s a review embargo on the film until this Friday, but I can tell you one thing about it now: there’s a Marvel-like over-the-credits extra scene that will please all Springsteen fans– and shows what a good film Thom Zimny has made. (No, it doesn’t feature Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury!)

For the first time in a long while, Bruce performs an acoustic version of “Baby I,” the first single he ever had, with his group The Castiles. The Castiles are all gone now, so Bruce is accompanied by his cousin Frank, who appears in the film. Bruce credits Frank with teaching him how to play the guitar.

The Castiles record is little known, although it’s on YouTube in a couple of forms including as part of the soundtrack to Bruce’s book, “Chapter and Verse.”

Here it is, with a photo of the E Street Band forerunners.


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