Home Politics Donald Trump, Coward-in-Chief, Says No to Virtual Debate, Will Hold Rally Instead,...

Donald Trump, coward in chief, refuses to participate in a second Presidential debate because it will be virtual. He’s told the Commission on Presidential debates he won’t waste his time. Instead he’ll hold a rally somewhere to infect his followers.

Trump also said in a phone interview this morning with state run Fox News that he hasn’t been tested lately for COVID-19 because he’s “clean.”

Why won’t he debate? Because he doesn’t want the issue of his non payment of taxes to come up. Or to discuss his hospitalization for COVID. Or the fact that COVID has spread through the White House, even to his non-Earthling Nazi aide Stephen Miller.

 Trump is also making green screen videos to make it seem like he’s outside the White House, when in fact he’s inside. It’s so fake, it’s embarrassing.

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