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There has always been an unseen wall between Rupert Murdoch’s insanity at Fox News and the genteel world of publishing at Harper Collins books.

That may all change now. Harper Collins has introduced a Fox News imprint at Harper Collins. The first books are from right wingers Pete Hegseth and Shannon Bream. They represent the very fringe edge of Fox News’s daily dance with the truth.

Most Harper Collins authors would never appear on Fox News and certainly not on those shows. So far, over the last couple of decades, Murdoch has managed to keep the crazy away from Harper Collins. But this may be a different story if the books from a Fox News imprint are as untempered as their authors.

For example, Harper Collins has just released a posthumous book by the late beloved Congressman Elijah Cummings with a forward by Nancy Pelosi. I can’t even imagine the things Hegseth and Bream have said on air about Cummings and Pelosi, let alone the entire network of anchors.

Other current Harper Collins authors include Le Bron James, NBC reporter Jacob Soboroff, and Isabelle Allende, no to mention a catalog of authors who would certainly be classified as liberal. And while books by someone like Brett Baier of Fox News come from Harper Collins, they’re not branded as Fox News books or carry that baggage. It will be interesting to see how Harper Collins authors respond to being lumped in with Fox News. Stay tuned.



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