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“The Walking Dead” returned on Sunday night after a six month break. Why exactly, is my question?

The ratings now are embarrassing, the lowest ever. The show dropped 22% overall from last April, to 2.7 million viewers. The previous low was last March with 2.9 million.

In the key demo, “TWD” dropped to just 870,000 viewers. Young people are gone, bored, yawning at this point.

On top of this. AMC doubled down on their zombie business, introduced a spin off that followed, with just 1.6 million viewers. Isn’t this thing over? Just wrap it up already. It’s 10 seasons, let it go.

Talk about beating a dead horse. “The Walking Dead” was once a thing, a phenom, a powerhouse. Four years ago, they had 17 million viewers!  But when you’re getting lower ratings than a daytime soap, it’s time to say goodbye.


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