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Dionne Warwick must perform, and so she will. She’s got a mega streaming event on October 16th. Watch the video below. Tickets are only $5.99. Buy 10.

Dionne is a national treasure. She’s had more hits than you’ve had sneezes, for god’s sake! All those Bacharach-David songs including the original “I Say a Little Prayer.” Plus all those hits with Clive Davis. And then the whole “That’s What Friends Are For” story– she put it together. You cannot love this woman more.

Dionne loves to sing, so we’ve got to be there for her and her magnificent smokey voice. But you know, if there were a performance royalty for singers, then Dionne would have been PAID the last 50 years when her songs were played on the radio. She has received NOTHING, thank you. The writers got all the money. She’s had to make her money by live performance. So we MUST support her.

God bless Dionne Warwick!

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