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Donald Trump thinks “school” is a place without books. “This is the real school, not read the book school,” he said during the short video he made in his hospital room before exposing his Secret Service agents to his COVID. He put them in a sealed SUV and drove around outside Walter Reed hospital so he could feed his ego in front of his “fans.” (Their mental acuity is certainly in question.)

This statement about school says it all. Trump thinks books are for losers, and suckers. He “went to school” but as we know, read nothing. He still reads nothing, that’s apparent from this whole weekend. An actually intelligent person would have considered this debacle of a hospital stay as a chance to catch up on some reading. Not Trump. He faked photographs showing he was “working”– signing blank pieces of paper– and couldn’t detox from attention for five minutes.

He will survive COVID, return to the White House, claim that it’s easy to survive, make lots of really stupid statements, and hopefully return to Mar-a-Lago on January 21st as a civilian dodging lawsuits and indictments.

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