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Wow. It must be crazy at MGM, Universal, Annapurna and Barbara Broccoli Productions.

The James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” has been moved yet again. It’s not opening on November 20th after all. They’ve moved it to “spring 2021.” It was originally set for April 2, 2020.

The weird part of this is that this week they released a new video for the theme song by Billie Eilish as if November 20th was a go. The announcement came this afternoon, so they must have decided that COVID wasn’t going away and any shot at success in November was a goner. (The Eilish video has 6.2 million views on YouTube which is nice, but no runaway success. I don’t think anyone cares anymore.)

You’ve got to feel bad for these people. They raced to make “No Time to Die,” missed fall-winter 2019, and chose April 2020. Now they’ve had to wait an entire year to release Daniel Craig’s last adventure as Bond. What’s worse is they’ve killed the Eilish track twice now.

Imagine Craig and director Cary Joji Fukunaga and the whole cast having to do publicity in April 2021. They should start making journals to remember what happened during the shoot.

Let’s hope we see “No Time to Die” in April 2021. There are no guarantees.

Meantime, the theater owners must be going out of their minds. Little by little the 2020 fall-winter season is collapsing. It hurts them more than it does the studios or the stars.

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