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UPDATE: Reuters says she’s “experiencing symptoms” which could include guilt over participating in this administration.

EARLIER Hope Hicks, who’s dated everyone in the White House and is a close Trump aide, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Hicks traveled with Trump to Minnesota for a rally, where he and his constituents were maskless. Hicks probably was, too. She was without a mask Tuesday night in Cleveland for the debate when Trump became belligerent and fought with moderator Chris Wallace and set new standards for boorishness in public.

The story of Hicks’s positive test was reported by Bloomberg News, the New York Times and other outlets.

So far Trump has remained strangely immune to COVID even though he’s taken no precautions against it, and had plenty of people around him who’ve had it. Recently, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who’s paid by his campaign and his son Donald Jr.’s girlfriend, tested positive.

Hicks was in close physical proximity to Trump a lot this week. But it could be that Stephen Miller is medicating the president with something from his home planet.

Meantime, another former Trump aide, Brad Parscale, remains locked up after threatening to kill himself, allegedly beating his wife, and possibly stealing money from Trump’s campaign.

In five years, I want to be at this White House’s staff reunion, that’s for sure!



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