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Showtime’s “The Comey Rule” about disgraced and befuddled former FBI director, James Comey, was a ratings bust.

The two part show on Sunday and Monday nights got fewer viewers than the farm report. Night 1 was 415,000. Night 2 was 381.000. That’s an 8 percent drop. No one cared how it all worked out.

This was despite an all star cast with Jeff Daniels as Comey, Brendan Gleeson as Trump, Holly Hunter as Sally Yates, and Scoot McNairy, Michael Kelly, Brian D’Arcy James, Jennifer Ehle all doing great work.

The problem is, no one likes Comey. Republicans and Democrats see him as a fool who betrayed both sides. If Comey hadn’t made those ridiculous statements about Hillary Clinton’s emails four years ago, we’d have had lived a very different life. He is largely responsible for the horror film our lives have become.

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