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For Elton John, 2021 is basically not happening, at least in the US.

Sir Elton has just announced the resumption of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour on January 19th in New Orleans. Before that he’ll play dates in Europe and the UK in the fall of 2021 if, of course, this whole mess is over. Or goes away by itself, as Donald Trump thinks.

He’ll hit New Zealand in 2023. So who knows when the actual end of the Farewell tour will happen, or where? Back in New York, I suspect, for a big goodbye at Madison Square Garden. 2024? (Elton took pages from Cher and The Who’s farewell tours, still going on after all these years.)

Knowing Elton, this doesn’t mean we won’t be hearing from him until then. My guess is he’ll make a record or do something because like rust, he never sleeps!

Elton does have a huge compilation box set coming soon with lots of demos and intimate recordings we’ve never heard before. That alone should give everyone enough Elton John to dine on for the next few months!

He says on social media: “I’ve been enjoying my time at home with the family while the world navigates its way through the COVID pandemic. But, I really miss being on the road and performing for my beloved fans in my Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. While the scientists are making great progress, we are making big plans for a return to touring that will allow us to ensure the health and safety of everyone. I will be starting my tour again in Europe and the UK in the Fall of 2021. And I will be back in North America starting in January 2022.  This means my New Zealand dates will be postponed until 2023. Don’t worry about me.  I’m using my downtime to keep myself fighting fit and healthier than ever. I’m raring to go! As always, thank you so much for your loyal support. I look forward to seeing all you wonderful Elton John fans soon. In the meantime, please stay safe and be well. Thank you!”


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