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Justin Bieber fans are not exactly scooping up his new single called “Holy.”

Over the weekend, “Holy”– featuring Chance the Rapper — sold just 16,500 copies on iTunes and other download services. The single did better on streaming, where fans could just listen via their subscriptions. They played “Holy” enough times to make the equivalent of about 95,000 in sales.

That’s not really a lot. On the Apple iTunes streaming chart, “Holy” has been holding at number 6. On Spotify it’s number 3.

Over on YouTube, “Holy” is closing in on 30 million views over four days.

It’s not clear from the video what “Holy” is supposed to be, and the actual record doesn’t help. Chance the Rapper’s rap in the middle of it is jarring, referencing people like Joe Pesci out of the blue.

The lyrics to the song suggest that Justin’s object of affection makes him feel “holy.” He also repeats many times something about running “like a track star” to the altar. It’s one of the worst lyrics in history. “Holy” is a song that lacks any poetic imagery.

Right now “Holy” is number 2 on iTunes. “WAP” has moved back into the number 1 position. Crazy.


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