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When the Kardashians said they were ending their show, there was much speculation about why.

The answer was simple, however: no one cares anymore.

Thursday’s final season premiere brought in just 677,000 viewers, the lowest number ever in the history of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

When the show stopped last April, the final episode then was at 810,000, already a series low. But this return definitively shows it’s time to say goodbye. As soon as possible. That’s nearly a 17% drop off since April.

I don’t know what was on Thursday’s episode, but it didn’t include any of the things that might have gotten good ratings for this group including Kim being snubbed by Donald Trump and the woman got out of jail, or Kanye West having his 999th nervous breakdown.

Those topics would have sold!

At this rate, “KUTWK” will end well below 500,000. I’m surprised there’s any interest at all, frankly. Maybe it’s time to bring back Caitlyn!

PS There’s a lot of concern about what will happen to the family’s houseplant, Scott Disick, when the show ends. I’ve never understood who he was, or what his role was. But I’m not interested enough to follow that storyline.




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