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Was Kanye West kicked off Twitter?

His pal, Rick Fox, said yesterday that Kanye had been kicked off for 12 hours. But that suspension, if true, would have ended hours ago. Kanye hasn’t tweeted for 21 hours as of 11am Eastern.

If he had been punished, it wasn’t over peeing onto a Grammy Award placed in a toilet. I think the Grammys should demand return of all his 21 awards, and give him the boot for that.

But no, Kanye’s misdeed was a Tweet in which he published the name of the editor of Forbes, along with his cell number, and called him a racist. I’m sure many people did the same thing I did when I saw that in real time. I tweeted back demanding Kanye take it down. He did, within seconds, but the damage was done.

(I’ve known the editor, Randall Lane, a long time. He’s not a racist. I don’t know what Kanye was thinking. And I’ll bet he doesn’t either.)

So it could Kanye was removed by Jack Dorsey and friends. Or maybe Kim Kardashian has taken his phone and gotten him the help he needs. The toilet is still up on Twitter, and so is his 2012 recording contract, and dozens of Tweets from a man who is mentally ill and needs serious assistance.

It could be Fox has it wrong, or Kanye does, and his time out is longer than 12 hours. We’ll be ready for his return whenever it comes.

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