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How will Justin Bieber celebrate the eve of the Jewish New Year on Friday?

At sundown, Rosh Hashanah begins. A few hours earlier, Bieber will drop a new single called “Holy.” From the art work, there’s a cross involved. Could this be Bieber’s first Christian single? Or Christian music lite?

Manager Scooter Braun wrote on Instagram: “A new era begins.”

Bieber frequently tweets about his pastor and his church and his commitment to Christianity. His submergence into the subject makes it harder for him to write typical sexy pop songs like the ones that propelled his earlier career. Plus, the Christmas season is coming. A holiday-infused album would revive his flagging album sales.

If Justin has chosen Rosh Hashanah weekend for a Christian themed song it would fit in nicely, brandwise, with his infamous trip to Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam. He wrote in the guest book the author who died in the Holocaust would have been a “Belieber.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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