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Well, this pretty hilarious.

Microsoft’s bid to take the US rights to TikTok was rejected in the end. The Wall Street Journal reports that Oracle, owned by major Trump donor Larry Ellison, came out of nowhere and won the bid.

The Journal doesn’t mention Ellison or the Trump connection. They just say Oracle won the bid.

How convenient.

Ellison is a billionaire, of course, and has raised a lot of money for Trump starting with the 2016 election cycle. So this whole Tik Tok sale thing just wreaks of an insider deal, a perfect cap to the corrupt Trump administration.

Microsoft must be pissed.

Even the New York Times story buried the Trump-Ellison connection and downplayed it. You can trust the Times to miss the meaning of almost any Trump story. On purpose.

As Donald Trump might himself say, the whole thing was rigged.

Well, congratulations. I don’t use TikTok anyway. I use an abacus.


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