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There are now more books about Donald Trump by friends, enemies, and journalists on all sides of the story that they could fill a store of their own.

But two recent tomes tell a tale of the tape. Niece Mary Trump’s “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” has stayed in the top 10 on amazon since its release on July 14th.

A lot was made of its touted sales right away. But once things settled down, NPD Book Scan got a grip on the hyperbole. They say “Too Much” has sold 1,101,200 copies. That’s pretty impressive no matter how much you subscribe to Simon & Schuster’s 1.35 million announcement after the first week of sales. That larger number is probably the total they printed.

Mary is certainly the more successful family author right now. Donald Trump Jr.’s “Liberal Privilege” is a bust, by comparison. No one knows how many copies its sold and no one ever will because NPD Book Scan doesn’t cover self-published books. Junior was a wise guy this time around, and forsook regular publishing to try and make more money. The plan backfired.

Junior’s last book, “Triggered,” was published by Hachette’s conservative imprint, Center Street Books. The price was $17.95. He’s hawking “Liberal Privilege” for $29.95, and few people want it. Right now it’s fluctuating between numbers 40 and 50 on amazon. And dropping.

So tag Mary the winner in the family sweepstakes. As for Junior, he can always eat the books he printed up, or pulp them later this fall. He can claim all the numbers he wants, but “Liberal Privilege” is a vanity project and there will never be an offical reckoning of it. Maybe he can hand them out in prison in next year.


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