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“The Ellen Show” has postponed its return for a new season again.

Ellen DeGeneres’s embattled talk show was supposed to debut on September 14th, after scandal after scandal forced out three executive producers and sent summer rerun ratings to their lowest ever.

Now “The Ellen Show” will resume on September 21st, with Tiffany Haddish as a guest. Ellen will explain to the viewers at home what the heck has been going on, and how she’ll be a better person.

That may not be so easy. A new report today suggested that DeGeneres and partner Portia Del Rossi have treated their home staff miserably, too.

“I can’t wait to get back to work and back to our studio. And, yes, we’re gonna talk about it,” the 62-year-old talk show host, who has been accused of creating a toxic work environment backstage.

Will we make it to the 21st without any more upheaval? Not so sure. And meantime, the ratings are dismal for the reruns. DeGeneres will have to fight her way back, or wrap up the series next May one way or another.


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