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Remarkable: Fox News and its website, foxnews.com, continues to ignore the network’s national security correspondent, Jennifer Griffin. Griffin confirmed The Atlantic story by Jeffrey Goldberg citing Donald Trump’s disrespect to the US military and John McCain. Griffin also confirmed Trump’s comments about veterans who served in Vietnam as “suckers” and “Losers.”

If Fox News were a real network, Chris Wallace would be interviewing Griffin this morning on their Sunday news show.  Instead guest host Bret Baier — who has given vocal support to Griffin — is interviewing Trump lackey Steve Mnuchin.

Trump has called for Griffin to be fired, and must be getting some satisfaction from her disloyal treatment by her employer. But Griffin has fought back. On Cavuto’s show she said:

“My sources are not anonymous to me and I doubt they are anonymous to the president. I can tell you that my sources are unimpeachable.”

Cavuto told Griffin:  “you are a very good reporter—and then some. Jennifer Griffin following the story here. She’s pretty scrupulous when it comes to making sure all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed.”

Cavuto is not alone among Fox Newsers  in defending Griffin. Many besides Baier have Tweeted their support. But the really crazy hardcover company people– who may think Roger Ailes is still alive — are publicly attacking their colleague. No word yet from house cowards like Juan Williams who value their mortgage payments over the fate of the country.

Meantime, Foxnews.com pretends none of this ever happened. There is no clip from the Cavuto show and no reference to Griffin’s scoop anywhere on the site.

UPDATE: Griffin was just given a vocal endorsement from Howard Kurtz on his Sunday show.



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