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It didn’t play in New York or a lot of New Jersey or California. But Christoper Nolan’s “Tenet” — which also didn’t use drive ins but regular theaters where it could — time traveled to hit status over the weekend.

“Tenet” earned $20,200,00 in 2,810 theaters from the previews that began Tuesday through Friday and Labor Day weekend. Worldwide,  it took in $146 million. With a $200 million budget, the signs are good for a break even $450 million worldwide take…over time.

“Tenet” should have “Legs”– especially with repeat viewings. I think you have to go back at least once to try and find the clues and Easter eggs. Enough people have seen it now to realize it’s Himesh Patel on the speedboat with Elizabeth Debicki toward the end. Patel starred in a movie called “Yesterday,” which I think was a clue and a little joke.

“Tenet” will be an Oscar nominee, and so should Nolan this year. If not, we’ll go back in time and fix it!


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